REMOTE WORK: Socialization in the new conditions

In this article, we focus on socialization in general and socialization in the “new” conditions that we have been now facing for almost a year.

Socialization is a lifelong process in which a person interacts with other people and places himself in the social environment. In different places and different situations, a person plays different roles and assumes and learns behaviors that are acceptable due to the circumstances. One of the places where we get to know a certain role and face socialization is also a job or our workplace.

In every company, we feel the values, goals and rules of the environment that we need to accept in order to get involved and participate as a part of a team.

In the “new” reality, many companies have had to move to a virtual environment, so the psychological well-being of workers is even more sensitive. Namely, an individual within the organization faces difficulties in organizing the working day, lack of self-discipline, trust and alienation. At the enterprise level, however, there are difficulties in restarting the work process, segregating the workforce, uncontrolled spreading of rumors and conflicting information, quality, innovation, productivity and insufficient business flexibility.

In addition to the precarious situation that prevails around the world, company executives observe that major factors influencing employee stress are alienation from co-workers and loneliness.

So we have prepared some tips for you on how to get closer to your co-workers, regardless of the “online” working practices.

In the life of an individual, socialization and quality relationships are important values, so we must all, from managers to co-workers, make an effort to maintain quality relationships, even when working online. Use some of the tips for getting closer with your coworkers, and take advantage of work teams to socialize as well.