REMOTE WORK: Building trust

According to the Edelman “Trust Barometer” (a survey of 33,000 people in 28 countries), one in three people don’t trust their employer. But why should this statistic even matter? Why is trust in the workplace so crucial to a company’s success? And how do we build trust while working remotely?

In this blog we will answer all these questions and prove that it is possible to build trust even across distances.

So why is trust so important?

But how can we build trust when we’re at a distance, when we can’t connect and we can’t come together with our colleagues or our teammates in the same ways?

When building trust in your organization, keep these few things in mind:

Encourage your employees to speak their mind by creating space where they can share their ideas, thoughts and even critics. Always make sure that the communication in your organization is always two-way. 

Following, an open communication also means being more transparent, by being honest, vulnerable, giving frequent feedback, setting expectations and keeping employees informed and connected. This is especially important lately when there’s a lot of uncertainty and instability in your employees lifes. 

And because there is so much uncertainty, give your employees something to work for. Edelman research proved that one in four employees say they would never work for an organization that lacks greater purpose or fails to deliver meaningful societal impact, 71% of them are looking for a greater purpose and 71% of them want to do more meaningful work. When the entire organization is working together for a common, higher goal or purpose, you give the work meaning. 

Just by keeping these three things in mind you can build trust even when working remotely and ensure that you are building a great work culture.