Remote Work: Conducting virtual meetings

We have now got to know and deal with the “new” reality, tested it in practice and got to learn how working remotely actually works. In a previous blog, we talked about how to organize remote work processes and gave some tips for employers. This time, on the other hand, we will be talking about meetings, specifically virtual meetings.

How the leaders behave is certainly crucial to the effectiveness of meetings. The larger the group, the more the sense of responsibility for achieving goals is lost among the members, but when the meetings take place virtually, this feeling can get lost even more. Therefore, during the implementation of a virtual meeting, it is crucial to gain the attention of your team, which can be achieved by good preparation for virtual communication and internalization of a new set of rules on etiquette.

In addition to tips for successful “online meeting” leadership, which we will share with you below, we also suggest you participate in some training based on this topic, as the web offers a range of “online” training for successful and effective management of virtual meetings. Here are two examples:

The first condition for a successful virtual meeting is the choice of the appropriate web conferencing tool – we already know Skype well, but Zoom and Microsoft Teams have also actively joined the party. It is important that you become familiar with the tool you will be using, used before actually making a call, so you can avoid any technical problems that may distract participants. However, once the meeting has started, it is very important to set up the camera so that your entire face is visible, because as the meeting leader you must make eye contact with the team and with that, give them a sense of inclusion. Make a plan for a structured and smooth meeting, set clear goals, and use a variety of videoconferencing tools to achieve them, such as online surveys to make decisions faster. Finally, leaders should encourage their team to ask questions and give opinions.

Don’t be intimidated by virtual meetings, as they offer you many opportunities for new ways of working. Attend online courses, learn tips for more organized virtual meetings, and take advantage of “new” situations as an opportunity for new challenges. You got this!