What is Brand Essence?

Today, the market is flooded with many brands. But if brands want to stay competitive, they need to differentiate themselves. However, for this distinction, offering the best prices or even the most effective products is no longer enough. They need to create the right feeling for their consumers, which they achieve through their emotional, personality-oriented campaigns.

Although there are many different characteristics behind each organization, the “brand essence” refers to the fundamental identity of the brand. This intangible concept is what can best set you apart from the competition. Some companies are very professional, technically savvy and advanced. Others focus on providing customers with a warm and enjoyable experience. Once you’ve defined the essence of your brand, you can use that essence as a “base zero,” as your north star for the rest of your reputation-building strategy. With the heart of your business in mind, it’s much easier to design logos, marketing campaigns, and even slogans that appeal directly to your audience.

The brand essence of Walt Disney is magical.

Something we love to admire about children is that for them, nothing is impossible. Disney seeks to make the impossible possible. It’s magic; it is the loss of a sense that we are limited by the real world. Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Land are probably the best examples of this commitment to magical experiences. Even the placement of the garbage cans are designed to make sure trash isn’t something that takes people out of their magical experience.

The essence of Coca Cola is sharing and happiness. 

Coca-Cola has always positioned themselves as part of a happy consumer experience. While others try to focus on refreshment and satisfaction, the essence of the Coca-Cola brand is to become part of a positive life experience.

The essence of Apple is “Think Different”.

An important part of this essence is also simplicity. People in the company think differently to make life easier for their customers by giving them access to the latest technology. A simple description of what the customer feels when working with Apple products is – “this brand ensures that I get access to the latest technology, in the way I can use it easily”.

What is the essence of your brand? If you don’t already know, it’s time to figure it out.