What happens when a company mismanages its social networks?

We have repeatedly witnessed poorer brand communication on social networks. Businesses are not yet fully accustomed to the fact that social networks are an important channel through which they communicate. However, an important part of a social media channel is also managing its audience.

And we all know that this can be a hit or miss. Here are some examples of poorer and better responses so that something similar does not happen to you.

Among the more awkward company responses on social media is definitely Pringles. Comedian John Oliver has commented on this mishap in his episode on Last Week Tonight.

At first, the company did not respond at all to the topic, which suddenly started to be talked about a lot. What does the rest of the body of their character named Mr. P look like? It was John Oliver who accidentally raised this issue in one of his past episodes. People responded to this and many illustrations were created.

In the end, the brand itself also responded to the event, posting the character in its entirety on its Twitter channel. What their followers thought about the character, however, is evident from the comments.

In the same episode, John Oliver also criticized the Pringles’ answer to a followers question. Namely, the answer clearly shows that the message was not read and was answered with a classic, pre-prepared copy / paste tekst.

How to respond better?

As viral topics begin to develop around our company, we need to respond to them as quickly as possible. We can do this skillfully, as shown by the companies below that have offered personalized answers to the user’s questions.

Of course, the answers can also be humorous as seen in the pictures below.