“Storytelling” or how can you increase the value of your words?

In 2006, American New York Times journalist Rob Walker was interested in the value of storytelling. He conducted a survey where he bought 200 trinkets at an average value of 1 dollar. A plastic banana. An old wooden hammer. A plastic hotel room key. The idea was that the items had no major value. He then contacted 200 writers and asked them for help. He asked each to write a story about one object. He then posted the items along with their stories on eBay and waited for the results. He has spent a total of $ 197.00 on the items altogether and eventually sold them for almost $ 8,000.00. This is a surcharge of over 6300%! And all this because of the stories which have turned these otherwise common objects into valuable things.

This is just one example of how storytelling can increase the value of a product.

Storytelling is a powerful messaging tool: it is a way of giving information to the audience with only one agenda: to make your message delivery as successful as possible.

Storytelling allows our audience not to only listen passively, but to actively experience the information given. As a result, we achieve better results in motivating our employees and teams, sales, providing information in meetings, project management and public speaking.

Of course, to conduct successful storytelling, some tips and tricks could be useful. You can learn these in more detail with us, through our communication training. Do you want to make a change in the success of your communication? You know where to find us.