We ask ourselves: “Can the long-term aspect of social influence coexist with short-term demands for results?”

If we look only at home, in Slovenia, the awareness that it is necessary to take concrete steps in this area, which will not only put profitability in the first place, has increased. We, the active members of Združenje manager, have already done a lot (and in the near future we will carry out even more concretizations and activations that will help companies move away from philosophizing). We have done a lot on awareness, but at the same time we still have a lot to do when it comes to implementation. My most repeated sentence in recent months is: enough words, let’s get to action. But the main question is how to deal with it at all? Before activating half of the company or organization to prepare the program, it is necessary to “clean” or pre-prepare, which can be roughly defined in two points:

  1. Clearly define your “WHY” – have you read (really read) Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why”? I highly recommend it. There you have a wonderful presentation of why understanding the reason for the existence of your organization is so very crucial to a successful business. Based on this, you and your team will refine (or even clearly set and write down) your values. Why? Because only then will you be able to connect your values, your organization with 3P – people, planet and profit (people, planet, profit). You will want to support those initiatives that are related to your values ​​and priorities.
  2. Assess your abilities – What are you really good at? What are the “super powers” of your team? What can you give that other people or organizations cannot? Then relate this to your passion, which every organization should have, and this will increase your focus as you decide what to focus on in your CSR program.

The biggest problem companies have is that they have no strategy. Every organization that joins gets a contribution or not, depending on the “good mood” and acquaintance they have with your decision makers. However, this is something completely different, we call it a donation.