Organizational Climate

More and more often we come across the term “organizational culture”, as the concept is becoming an increasingly important element of good organization management. That’s why we decided to introduce you to the concept in a series of short blogs.

Climate vs. culture

The terms “climate” and “culture” are strongly intertwined, but they should not be equated. Climate is part of the culture and reflects the behaviors that the organization encourages and supposedly implements. Culture is about much more than just patterns of employee behavior. Culture includes artifacts (e.g., the way employees dress), symbols (e.g., company logo), technology (e.g., vendors using tablets to complete sales), and values ​​(e.g., profitability). Although all these aspects of culture affect the climate, they also go beyond it, as many elements of culture are in no way related to the climate that is formed in the organization.

What is the organizational climate?

Organizational climate is a very broad concept as it encompasses many elements. It is about the perception of the work environment and the psychological atmosphere that prevails there, related to the support that employees feel towards the organization, and the quality and suitability of the work environment. It is presented as a quick picture of the relationship between the organization and the employees there, and is reflected in the level of their motivation.

The organizational climate is made up of all the feelings that employees of a company or organization feel.

Why is it important?

Organizational climate is important because it encourages employees to behave positively, in ways that are more desirable in the company. Building the desired climate can take some time, but a strong climate can help employees focus on what management considers important and a priority.

It is therefore a broad concept that is now practically necessary for the success of the company. So get ahead of those who just wave their hand at the mention of organizational climate and start practicing it today!