How to stay “healthy” while having a busy lifestyle?

I think the first point we should break down under this question is what it means for every individual to be healthy. For some, exercise gives a sense of health, for others, healthy meals, for others, self-examination and control of changes that may occur in our bodies. I am also attaching a link to a website where the experts in the Kunapipa podcast touch on topics related to the well-being and health of each individual. For some, health is about healthy relationships and learning to set boundaries. Well, I believe that it means obtaining a combination of all the activities listed above.

Despite my assumption that we all want to be healthy and have healthy lifestyles, it is still difficult to maintain the desired lifestyle, because in a “crazy” busy day we have to take time to exercise, read a book about personal growth, drink enough water and of course eat as healthy a meal as possible.

Although I believe that you are already full of obligations, meetings and coordinating who will look after the children, I would still like to introduce you to some steps and habits with which you will “introduce” health into your daily life and thus achieve general well-being and positivity.

We’ve all heard the theory that it takes “only” 21 days to form a new habit, right?

What do we need for a radical lifestyle change?

  • Definitely motivation! It is good to know as much as possible about our unhealthy lifestyle and the consequences (positive and negative) that it brings with it.
  • Consult with an expert! His knowledge of the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle is always broader than yours.
  • Make a personalized plan for a healthy lifestyle or find a “coach” who will help you with this.
  • Arrange for regular check-ups with your doctor. Only then will you know for sure if you are making progress.
  • Observe the gradualness. Don’t expect to be “healthy, slim and fit tomorrow”!
  • Have fun! Respect yourself!
  • And most of all, PERSIST. A healthy lifestyle is “running long distances”.

For starters, we can start with ten smaller daily habits.

Let’s explain the graphic above a bit more.

  • Surely we all know that lack of sleep is not good for anyone. However, sleep deprivation can quickly begin to be reflected in severe chronic illness. So take care of your sleeping routine. Get enough sleep, sleep at night, create a night routine that will ensure you get the best sleep.
  • If we don’t drink enough water, both our body and our head start to “slow down”.
  • Despite the busy schedule, we need to take time to exercise. 20 minutes a day will be enough.
  • During work, take a 10-minute break for a “snack” to keep you healthy. Fruits, nuts…
  • You can prepare healthy meals at home. Make a menu for the weekend and prepare dishes that you can freeze or store for the whole week.
  • Take that “minute” of time for yourself. And even if you sit 5 minutes longer in the car, inhale, exhale, and then continue with the day.

Are you in doubt about how healthy your day is? You can check here.

I wish you a healthy life, full of positive feelings, which you will most easily conjure up for yourself.