Work from home – Still in your pajamas at 10am? Or how to overcome the influence of the couch and cookies

Everyone is probably familiar with the following: the bottom of our pajamas, nothing but coffee in the stomach, two different socks, Zoom opened, camera off, sitting near or on the couch. Maybe just stay working from the couch? Hey, it’s noon. The glamour of working from home. We have all encountered such or similar scenes in the last two years.

I understand all the temptations. But maybe we can arrange this infamous work from home in a different way. Your daily routine is the thing that will help you to have a successful work day. In this way, you can also avoid blurring the boundaries between working hours and private life – which often happens when working from home. If you create a routine, all your tasks and homework will run more smoothly. Do you want to be free in the afternoon and enjoy a well-deserved peace? Or will you be running fast in front of the mirror again at two and wondering which Zoom is that? So make and follow a good plan in the morning and things will go more smoothly. There are quite a few books and tips on what to do in the morning to start the day successfully. Some theories advocate early awakening, some physical activity. However, we can summarize the ideas in some golden rules to start the day:

  • Every day, wake up at the same time.
  • Do not turn on your phone or computer as a first thing in the morning!
  • Get ​​active.
  • Eat breakfast.
  • Listen to music or a podcast.
  • Set daily goals! 

Every day, wake up at the same time.

There is no need to wake up every day at an inhumanly early hour. Just set a time that will suit you, the time that will not make you press the “snooze” button. An hour of sleep more in the morning will help you win during the day.

Do not turn on your phone or computer as a first thing in the morning!

You need to draw the line between private and professional life. Unless, of course, you need to open all business channels as soon as you open your eyes. The same goes for Facebook and Instagram, of course. You better do the next thing, right below this point. 

Get active.

Run endorphins all over your body with “stretching” or morning exercises. There are already a huge number of apps for this in every app store ever made. Believe me, one bend more and one Instagram like less in the morning can work wonders.

Eat breakfast.

Don’t forget to eat your breakfast. I understand that »the best« breakfast is black coffee and absolutely nothing else, and then later in the day anything we can find in the drawer during meetings. Try and make cereal or eggs, it will give you energy for those extra successful Zoom meetings.

Listen to music or a podcast.

Start the day with something that makes you happy. Or maybe by listening to someone who teaches you something new. Answer: listen to music or podcasts. Nowadays, you can find podcasts on all topics, from baking cakes to quantum physics, packed into fun episodes.

Set daily goals!

The most important point. Write down, draw, record everything you need to do during the day. You may want to make a sequence in which you check the most important tasks as they are done. It’s nothing better than the feeling you get, when you check, cross out the task done. Do it the old school on paper or on the phone in the form of smart reminders. Bonus effect: you won’t think about everything that still needs to be done or you may have forgotten.

All these little “rules” and rituals will help you finish your work day as quickly and efficiently as possible. And it will enable you to sit down on your couch in peace as possible without a guilty conscience.