Lately, probably all of us (or at least most of us) have the feeling that “any stone we lift” the word “sustainability” jumps out from under it. We have sustainable development, sustainable leadership, sustainable employee development, green, environmentally friendly…Is this a “buzz word”? Of course it is. From an evolutionary point of view, the word behind the content, probably the most important decision of the century, and on a global level, began its development into a “buzz word” simply. Just like, say, digitization years ago.

Everyone who wants to be something special, to offer something trendy, has added the word “sustainability” to their service, product, thinking.

So let’s try to look deeper into sustainability, in the business realm. A fact they were aware of as early as 1987 (Bruntdland Commission: Our common future): companies are responsible for their influence on society. However, they must exercise this responsibility in a sustainable way, which means that they operate in such a way that the company meets the current needs without compromising the next generations so that they can meet their needs.

Sustainable business touches on the way a company contributes to environmental, social and economic development through its operations. So that we do good today, even for tomorrow.

So what are the benefits of sustainable business?

Perhaps just for a taste we list the following:

More efficient operations, a positive public image, better risk management, lower operating costs, access to capital, better stakeholder relations, better human resource management, ability to innovate and make a profit.

When we look at the examples above, we can see that the decision to operate sustainably really shouldn’t be difficult.

More in the next blog…